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        再过三天就是中国立春节气,再过半个月就是中国的传统佳节春节,这代表着我们即将正式迈入春天。中国有句谚语“一年之计在于春”,今天,在国际民航组织(ICAO)的倡议和组织下,我们首次召开亚太民航部长级会议,来自亚太以及全球36个国家和6个国际组织的近300名同仁齐聚北京,共商亚太民航合作发展大计,这是围绕亚太民航事务召开的规格最高、规模最大的一次国际盛会,我们将聚焦航空安全、空中航行服务、事故调查、人力资源开发等事关亚太民航发展的普遍性、关键性议题展开讨论,共同探讨应对未来挑战的思路和举措,这对于我们更好的抓住亚太民航发展机遇,实现亚太民航更高质量的发展,具有十分重要的意义。在此,我首先感谢阿留主席、柳芳秘书长决定将此次盛会放在中国举办,我谨代表中国民用航空局,对各位... 详细>>


        On behalf of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it is my great honour this morning to address the 2018 ICAO Asia and Pacific (APAC) Ministerial Conference.
        Please let me express the profound appreciation of ICAO, and of the many Ministers and senior officials who have joined us here, for the very warm welcome and hospitality and the exemplary organization of the Conference by the Government of the People’s Republic of China, and by the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC).
        I would also express our special thanks to His Excellency Mr. Ma Kai, Vice Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China; the Honourabl... 详细>>


        I am deeply honoured to join you here in Beijing today for this important and very timely ICAO Asia and Pacific (APAC) Ministerial Conference.
        Please let me reiterate ICAO's very deep appreciation for China's support for this event, as well as for ICAO's mission and priorities more generally.
        China's assistance and capacity-building efforts especially are greatly appreciated by ICAO, as well of course by the States which have benefitted from them.
        This refers not only to what you are undertaking here in the APAC region, but also globally through the wider framework of South-South cooperation.
        I also wish to express my personal gratitude f... 详细>>

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